What exactly are wage and hour violations?

Before we consider how an attorney can assist you with wages and hour violations, let’s examine what exactly wage and hour violations are. According to Federal Law, there is a minimum wage that must be paid to most employees on an hourly basis. This amount may vary from one state to another, however, federal law requires that the state pay at least the federal minimum wage. Currently, the Federal Minimum wage for employees is $7. 25 per hour.

Most businesses must pay their employees at least this amount per hour, bmatt_scottut there are many exceptions. If your employer is not paying you at least this amount, then you may have a case that will require an attorney’s help to ensure that you receive your proper compensation for your work.

According to Federal Law, however, if your employer knows that you’re receiving tips, they may pay you a lower amount and count your tips as part of your wage. But there are rules about how an employer can handle your tips of which you should be aware. An attorney can help you understand your rights here and elsewhere.

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Overtime Payments

To further complicate matters, there are laws that regulate overtime payments as well. Overtime pay is your regular hourly salary, plus half of that per hour. It’s often referred to as “time and a half.” Many employers are failing to give their employees the proper overtime pay. Many, but not all, employees are entitled to “time and half” their normal rate of pay when they work more than forty hours in a workweek. Even if you are paid a salary, you still may have a right to overtime pay. Your best option is to consult an experienced attorney to ensure you are being paid correctly.

Unpaid Wages

By law, employers must pay their employees regularly. Most commonly this is done either every two weeks or every month. If you are working for an employer that has very sporadic pay dates, this may be against the law. This is another reason that you may wish to contact an employment attorney to find out what your options and possible courses of action may be.

According to state laws, you may only have a short window of time if you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly or if you haven’t received your due compensation. You will want to pursue this immediately to avoid losing out on your unpaid wages. Keep in mind that the more details that you can prove and provide, the better it is going to be to prove your case. Keep any documents from your employer and share these with your attorney if you may be pursuing unpaid wages.

Once you better understand your legal rights you can decide how to proceed. An attorney is your best advocate for getting you the money that is due to you. If you or a family member have not been paid or if you are not being paid overtime and think you should be, you should not hesitate to contact an attorney before you potentially lose out. You want to do this as quickly as possible to recover as much of what the employer owes you as possible. Remember, there are many different forms of wage and hour violations that you should consider.